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Income Share Agreement

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This calculator will show how ISA monthly payments work based on different possible annual incomes you may have.

Income Share Percentage This is the percentage of your gross income you will share after completing the Program.


Required Payments You are only required to make monthly payments when earning more than the Minimum Income.

48 Monthly Payments

Payment Cap This is the maximum amount you might ever need to pay, assuming a high earning career. If you hit the Payment Cap, your ISA will terminate early.


Minimum Income This is the minimum amount you need to earn (i.e., the floor), before you are required to make any payments. Whenever your income drops beneath the floor, your monthly payment will be zero ($0.00).


Potential Annual Salary


Estimated Payment


Monthly Income: / month

Monthly Payment: $0.00 / month

Total 0 monthly payments

Since you potentially make less than $50,000 a year, your monthly payments are automatically suspended.
Since your potential earning is high, you might be able to pay off your agreement sooner than 48 months.